Friday, June 5, 2009

A Little Background Info

Welcome to The Haley Family Blog!! I am so excited about starting this blog so that I can help keep family and friends in the loop about things going on in our little world. I hope you all enjoy it!!
OK... Here we go!!
Richard and I actually grew up 5 houses down from each other but were never really friends. Then, our Senior year at Auburn we ran into each other on a train to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl!! That was December 2004 and we have been together ever since...
We got married on June 30, 2007! I married my best friend and I am the happiest girl in the world! God has truly blessed us and we thank God everyday for all he has done for us!

We found out that I was pregnant a year later! And then the next 9 months were crazy!!! We sold our house, moved in with Richard's parents, bought a house, then it was Christmas (obvious busy time), then we started decorating the Nursery!!! Here are a few pics of pregnancy, the nursery, etc.

This last picture was taken a week before Baby Paxton arrived!!!!

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