Monday, June 22, 2009

Auburn Cheer Camp I had to go to Cheerleading Camp and well that meant Paxton had to go too! mom (Grammy) took off work and went with us. Thank goodness she was there!!! I know he definitely had a better time hanging out with her than he would have if he had had to go to the colesium with me everyday. Thanks mom for going with me and keeping Paxton!
Paxton slept in his pack-n-play for the most part, but he did get in the bed with us in the mornings. was a king size bed and Paxton basically took over the entire thing! haha Gotta love him!!His 1st time at the colesium to watch the Home Pom routines. He apparently didn't care about them as he feel right to sleep in Grammy's lap. But...

He woke up in a GREAT mood. He was talking/cooing and smiling up a storm. It was so cute.

He came to the colesium one afternoon to visit. I was happy to see him but I wasn't the only one. The girls love him!

Aubie came by one night, so I grabbed him and asked for a picture. Paxton was asleep so I thought I would hold him and get in the picture, but Aubie had other plans and just grabbed Paxton from me. I got nervous because I thought if he wakes up and sees Aubie he may have a fit (given our past experience with mascots). But he slept right through the picture. I was so glad we got the picture because I don't know when we will see Aubie again. I think it's great!

Like I've mentioned before, Paxton loves older girls!! Here he is with all of the Senior Cheerleaders from Spain Park!
We made it through Cheerleading Camp! And we were all glad to get back home. Richard was especially glad to have us back home. We were gone 4 nights...that's a long time. We missed Daddy!!

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