Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm playing catch-up!

Doesn't he look extremely long in this picture?? He is definitely going to be tall like his Daddy!
Paxton went back to St. Vincent's to meet his girlfriend, Ava Greer!!

Bree loves to sit with whomever is holding Paxton! We love it because then we are holding both of our little kids!!

I love the color yellow on babies! And Uncle Ricky and Aunt Susan gave him this outfit and I think it is so cute!!

I love this picture! My 2 boys!! It's so sweet!!


So Gangsta!!! haha Claire (one of his older girlfriends) gave him this visor.

Nap time!!!

I'm sorry! I know these pictures are old, but I am trying to catch up! These are just a few from the March!

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