Thursday, July 23, 2009

My 26th Birthday!

GOSH! I'm getting old!!! 26...I can't believe it! It was a great birthday! I got 3 birthday dinners! The Haley's took me to Bonefish! My parents took me to Caraba's! And Richard cooked steaks for me! All of it was so good! Here is a picture of my family on my actual birthday! Richard hates it when I coordinate clothing on all of us, but I don't care...I think it's cute!!
Paxton was hanging out on the table at Dairy Queen!
Leigh let him try some of her dessert at Bonefish! He loved it! I've decided he will eat anything! If it's on a spoon and you put it up to his mouth...he will eat it!! I know some of you out there are probably freaking out, but it didn't bother me! And hey...he slept all night that night! Maybe he is ready for Big People Food!
I had a great birthday! I got clothes, shoes and a HIGH CHAIR! I wonder who that is for? Picture coming soon!

My Growing Little Buddy

Look at those shoes!! Doesn't he look like a big boy?We put Paxton in his Car walker and Richard pulled him around in it! He loved it! Look at him holding on to the windshield!

I bought this Braves outfit and he hasn't gotten to wear it because it's been too hot! So... I decided one afternoon to put it on him to make some pictures! I know... I'm weird, but I love doing things like that! Themed pictures are so much fun! If you look closely he has a miniture bat and ball!
And look at this face!!! Isn't he cute?


We decided to take Paxton swimming mid-June!! We went over to Lisa and Michael's house! They have an awesome pool! Anyways, we got him all ready with sunscreen, his bathing suit, and his hat! He looked adorable. He absolutely loved the water!!!

I love his facial expressions! He was just relaxing and enjoying the water!
Even in the water he was doing his signature arm movement!

We had so much fun! And I'm so glad he loved the water. When we got him in the car to go home he PASSED OUT!!! I wish I had gotten a picture! He was so tired! What a sweet boy!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I just love everything Paxton does!

I have truly enjoyed watching Paxton as he figures out and learns new things. He is so alert and curious!! I LOVE IT!!

Paxton is starting to use his feet more and more. He realized that if kicks the orange fish, then music plays! So he continued to kick it. It was so cute!! He's a smart one!!I had to include this next picture because I thought it was cute! Look at those big checks! He is definitely a big boy!! I've got a future football player on my hands. I also like how the tiger ended up!! I finally got a picture of him doing his arm motion!! If you have been around Paxton at all you have more than likely seen this, so this picture doesn't actually give you the best idea of what he is doing. BUT...I know what he is doing and I'm glad I've got proof of it. Maybe if I ever figure out how to put videos on this...I'll video him doing this and post it...

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Few Pictures- Beginning of June

Trying out the BUMBO for the first time. He is a little unsure about looks like he is trying to fly. HAHAThis is the second go round!! He likes it better today especially since his tiger is in there with him!! Makes it easier to eat the tiger!

We got another play yard!!! He is staring at the star on top because it is flashes different colors.
And...I had to include this one because I like the outfit. It's too cute!! I love the colors!
Sorry this is a short post...but the rest of June is BIG STUFF so they have to be separate posts. I am having so much fun being home with Paxton this summer and I am not looking forward to returning to work this fall. I love my Little Buddy and every moment that we spend together! Being a Mommy is so much fun! I've been looking forward to this for so long!

Paxton's Eating Cereal at 12 weeks

I know I am behind with my posts, but I'm still playing catch up. I'm still getting used to Blogging! Anyways, after we returned from Cheer Camp, Paxton's sleeping habits (getting up once to eat around 3 or 4) went out the door. He went back to wanting to eat 2 or 3 times at night! NOT GOOD! Even during the day he was just SO HUNGRY! I'm blaming it on a growth spurt, but I was exhausted at this point and I know that Paxton is a big boy so I called the doctor. WHEN CAN HE START RICE CEREAL????? They were a little hesitant because he was only 3 months, but they looked at his chart and saw his last weight and said he could probably handle it! SO...we started cereal! He did really good! Even the first bite stayed in his mouth! His tongue didn't push it out!!

He really liked it and ate every bit of it!!!

HOWEVER...we realized that we weren't fast enough!!! He didn't understand why it was constant and why the spoon kept going away. It was so sad to see him cry! But he really did good with the cereal and seemed to like it!!
We gave him a bath after eating the cereal (which is now our bedtime routine)!! He loves bath time!! He has started kicking in the water and grabbing the drain plug. He is so cute! I'm so glad he likes to get baths. I hope that continues! Anways...after the bath we gave him a bottle...he didn't even make it through the entire bottle....


Total Confusion

Alright, those of you that know us, know that Richard and I both graduated from Auburn and are big Auburn fans. We even put Paxton in Auburn stuff just days after he was born (as you can see in the picture above). parents (Grammy and Granddaddy) are determined to make Paxton an Alabama fan. They even have several Alabama outfits for him at their house. Paxton has this signature arm movement where he holds his right are in the arm and moves it around in a circle...and yes Grammy and Granddaddy have decided that he is already trying to say Roll Tide.

Grammy took these pictures and has them in a double frame on her desk at work. Poor kid is going to be so confused as he grows up. BUT...once he starts talking Richard and I can tell him that we only say WAR EAGLE and that Roll Tide are bad words!!!! haha