Tuesday, June 9, 2009

April Pictures!!

After Bathtime!!
Sleep with my Daddy!

Bree takes good care of Paxton!! If we leave the room and he is on the floor she will go sit by him to keep him company. Paxton has started pulling Bree's tail and hair! Bree doesn't mind a bit! Such a great doggy!!

First time in my play yard! It's was a little overwhelming!

Daddy loves to read Paxton books! They have already read all of the books on Paxton's shelf! I guess that means we need more!!

Do yall like his shoes? I thought they were precious! They are red and white with race cars on them! Richard can't stand them, so I let him wear them when he isn't around. haha.Hey Good Lookin!! Paxton was going for the "Uncle Michael look." Styling and Profiling"

Holding on to 2 things that he loves: DADDY and his PACI!!!

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  1. Okay that stylin' and profilin' picture is hilarious!!! I love that Richard is reading to Little Man! So very important!!!