Monday, July 6, 2009

Paxton's Eating Cereal at 12 weeks

I know I am behind with my posts, but I'm still playing catch up. I'm still getting used to Blogging! Anyways, after we returned from Cheer Camp, Paxton's sleeping habits (getting up once to eat around 3 or 4) went out the door. He went back to wanting to eat 2 or 3 times at night! NOT GOOD! Even during the day he was just SO HUNGRY! I'm blaming it on a growth spurt, but I was exhausted at this point and I know that Paxton is a big boy so I called the doctor. WHEN CAN HE START RICE CEREAL????? They were a little hesitant because he was only 3 months, but they looked at his chart and saw his last weight and said he could probably handle it! SO...we started cereal! He did really good! Even the first bite stayed in his mouth! His tongue didn't push it out!!

He really liked it and ate every bit of it!!!

HOWEVER...we realized that we weren't fast enough!!! He didn't understand why it was constant and why the spoon kept going away. It was so sad to see him cry! But he really did good with the cereal and seemed to like it!!
We gave him a bath after eating the cereal (which is now our bedtime routine)!! He loves bath time!! He has started kicking in the water and grabbing the drain plug. He is so cute! I'm so glad he likes to get baths. I hope that continues! Anways...after the bath we gave him a bottle...he didn't even make it through the entire bottle....


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