Thursday, July 9, 2009

I just love everything Paxton does!

I have truly enjoyed watching Paxton as he figures out and learns new things. He is so alert and curious!! I LOVE IT!!

Paxton is starting to use his feet more and more. He realized that if kicks the orange fish, then music plays! So he continued to kick it. It was so cute!! He's a smart one!!I had to include this next picture because I thought it was cute! Look at those big checks! He is definitely a big boy!! I've got a future football player on my hands. I also like how the tiger ended up!! I finally got a picture of him doing his arm motion!! If you have been around Paxton at all you have more than likely seen this, so this picture doesn't actually give you the best idea of what he is doing. BUT...I know what he is doing and I'm glad I've got proof of it. Maybe if I ever figure out how to put videos on this...I'll video him doing this and post it...

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